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Choosing Realistic Solutions Of 3d Printers Canada

CloudDDM Accelerates Additive Manufacturing with GM Hire

And at this moment, I couldnt think of a better company to be with than CloudDDM. Atlanta, Ga. (PRWEB) January 26, 2016 CloudDDM, LLC, a company dedicated to delivering direct digital manufacturing (DDM) services, has appointed Gary Fudge as General Manager. With over 20 years of experience bringing additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping solutions to market, Fudge will help CloudDDM change the face of manufacturing by delivering overnight, high-quality 3D printed parts to customers throughout in the United States. Before joining CloudDDM, Fudge served as Americas Director for Irish Mcor Technologies, a manufacturer of full-color 3D printers that use ordinary office paper as their build material. At Mcor, Fudge helmed the companys American operations to build a robust dealer network and increase sales 700%. Before his tenure at Mcor, Fudge also worked at Z Corporation, which was acquired by 3D printer manufacturer and market leader 3D Systems Corporation in 2012, and at 3D software company Geomagic, which became a 3D Systems company in 2013. Fudge holds an MBA and a BA in engineering from the University of Mississippi, Oxford. Ive been working with 3D printing for decades and have witnessed a lot of exciting developments in the field, said Fudge. But the technology has yet to realize its potential. The time for that is now.

One Large Refrigerator Is Cheaper To Run Than Two Smaller Ones.

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